Modern Slavery Statement

Our company are committed to preventing the existence of slavery or human trafficking within the organisation and all of our supply chains.

Our business and the industry in which we operate pose a low risk in regards to slavery and human trafficking.

This statement demonstrates how we have fulfilled our ethical and legal responsibility to both create and implement practices which do not allow either modern slavery or human trafficking to take place.

This document constitutes our slavery and human trafficking statement for the financial year ending January 1st 2019 and has been created in accordance with the Modern Slavery Act 2015.

Our Business

We have been providing services since 2004 and have recently rebranded our business to HAKUHANA INC. The business delivers premium services for domestic or business use, 24hours a day seven days a week including public holidays.

Our Policies

Our Modern Slavery Policy in place which is reviewed by the HR department on an annual basis. Any matters of serious concern can be drawn to our attention via the Contact Page


We have incorporated training on modern slavery into the induction programme for all new staff at every level.

Our Supply Chain

We are part of a global company, with external suppliers – in each country a separate Modern Slavery Policy has been implemented as part of the recruitment process.

As a company we will do a risk assessment on every supplier and have a zero tolerance approach for all suppliers.

Signed on behalf of the Corporation

Hakuhana Inc.