Kuwait - Hakuhana

HAKUHANAGlobal Employment Organisation takes on the responsibility of traditional employment tasks and liabilities and handles all tasks. Your business retains control over the employee regarding business operations, health & safety and working compliance. Hakuhana provide professional services to all size businesses lowering your outgoings by providing you with a virtual HR department that aims to solve problems before they become a problem. Our team of local experts handle all your employment needs, efficiently and without breaking the bank.
We are legally compliant with UK law, business legislation and taxation – our partners and suppliers are amongst the best in the UK.

The two services we provide are;

Employer Of Record for local and international companies who wish to employ staff in the UK while they try out new products or services or simply not need to be bothered with employing staff and prefer one invoice and no HR headaches.

Co-Employment is where two companies both have rights and obligations as an employer— the business maintains responsibilities for the worker’s job duties and day-to-day functions while Hakuhana’s co-employment solution would manage all other professional duties.